Italy's Ferrari of trains

Italy launched Europe's first private high-speed train service

The new high speed train from the railway company New Passenger Transport SpA, known as NTV, ahead of its inaugural trip from Rome to Naples, at Stazione Tiburtina on April 20, 2012.

Italian high-speed train
Italo Ferrari Train

The new NTV railway company will run its maiden public high speed train journey on April 28, from Rome to Naples.

Julia Roberts offers to babysit for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Does this sound weird ???

Actress Julia Roberts says she has the perfect wedding gift for newly-engaged Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with twins
Twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 

ASCAP Pop Music Awards 2012

Annual Pop Music Awards

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) held their 29th Annual Pop Music Awards on April 18 in Los Angeles.

ASCAP Pop Music Awards 2012
ASCAP Pop Music Awards 2012


5 Best Caribbean Beaches

I'm sure you would wish to visit all these mind-blowing beaches.  

1.  Eagle Beach, Aruba
Lovers of surf and sun appreciate the sugar-white sands and tranquil waters of Eagle Beach, Aruba.

best caribbean honeymoon beaches
Eagle Beach, Aruba   


Maldives - a very Romantic Island

Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean and is known for their breathtaking beauty. The crystal clear turquoise waters surrounding white beaches looks so stunning.  An example of such beauty is the luxury hotel Diva Resort.

Maldives is a romantic honeymoon destination
Beauty of Maldives Island

Hotel guests stay in villas, floating on the water in a beautiful lagoon that have its own access to the sea.

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PAL-V flying three wheeler car

PAL-V Flying Car

The PAL-V flying car took its maiden flight on March 2012, and is certified for the air as well as the road .  It was developed by the Dutch company PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle)

PAL-V flying three wheeler car
PAL-V flying 3 wheeler car
From a distance it looks like a vehicle built for the road, although a slightly unusual one. 

Splendid Beauty of Canada

Beautiful Canada

Canada is one of the world's wealthiest nations with a mixed economy and very friendly people.

There are just so many spectacular and wonderful things to see in Canada.   I have listed a few of the main attractions of this beautiful country.

World famous CN Tower in Canada
CN Tower in Canada

China's amazing Superyacht

Luxury Superyacht

The futuristic $15 million luxury trimaran yacht Adastra has turned heads during its unveiling ceremony in China.

World’s most amazing Superyachts
$15 Million Luxury Superyacht

The superyacht Trimaran Adastra built for a Hong Kong couple Anto and Elaine Marden is described as one of the most stunning of its kind.   It has space for nine guests, six crews and features a lounge as well as a bar cum dining area.

Google unveils a smart eyewear - Google Project Glasses

Google have invented a pair of internet-connected spectacles called Google Project Glass which will make your life flash before your eyes.  

Google Project Glass - a smart eyewear
Google's futuristic Internet-connected glasses

If you want to know the time, the temperature, talk to a friend or get directions to that cafe you read about in a magazine, it will all appear as if by magic in front of you. 

Google's futuristic Internet-connected glasses
Google Goggles

Watch Google Project Glasses in action.  Observe what these internet-connected glasses could do for you.

Purpose of Dollar Sign in creating new Blog Post

Have you ever wondered what is this dollar sign that you see, when you create a new blog post in fanbox?

green dollar sign
Green Dollar Sign

While creating a new blog post in the blog editor, I noticed a green dollar sign was suddenly popping up somewhere in my blog post without me ever clicking it.  I kept deleting this dollar sign, without knowing its purpose.

Drive traffic to your blogs outside FanBox

Advertising is the life for any business to reach its heights.  But you don't need to do heavy advertising outside FanBox.  All you have to do are just few simple things regularly???

unlimited search engine traffic
Search Engine Traffic

*  Create at least one blog post daily

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