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10 humans with extraordinary superpowers

Imagine a human being eating razor blades and steel?  He eats all indigestible materials and still remain fit.

Michel Lotito - stomach of steel

Here are rest of the 9 extraordinary people with amazing superpowers.  From no pain man to being immune to the cold. These guys astonish us with their extraordinary powersRead more

Woman's Hair turns to Fingernails

Fingernails growing instead of hair follicles

Shanyna Isom has consulted every possible specialist, including a doctor in the Netherlands, but she still has no idea what is wrong with her.

An unknown illness causes fingernails to grow, instead of hair, all over Shanyna Isom's body.
Shanyna Isom

The 28-year-old beautician and former University of Memphis law student has developed a condition so severe, fingernails grow from the hair follicles all over her body.

"Black scabs were coming out of her skin," said her mother, Kathy Gary. "The nails would grow so long and come out and regrow themselves. They are hard to touch and stick to you."

10 Places to make a Wish

Do you want your dreams to come true?

The next time you are there at any of these places in the world, make a wish and hope for the best.

Throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish.
Make a Wish

Even the biggest skeptics throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish, standing on a mark of zero kilometer, while no one sees.   >>>>>> READ MORE

Italy's Ferrari of trains

Italy launched Europe's first private high-speed train service

The new high speed train from the railway company New Passenger Transport SpA, known as NTV, ahead of its inaugural trip from Rome to Naples, at Stazione Tiburtina on April 20, 2012.

Italian high-speed train
Italo Ferrari Train

The new NTV railway company will run its maiden public high speed train journey on April 28, from Rome to Naples.

PAL-V flying three wheeler car

PAL-V Flying Car

The PAL-V flying car took its maiden flight on March 2012, and is certified for the air as well as the road .  It was developed by the Dutch company PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle)

PAL-V flying three wheeler car
PAL-V flying 3 wheeler car
From a distance it looks like a vehicle built for the road, although a slightly unusual one. 

China's amazing Superyacht

Luxury Superyacht

The futuristic $15 million luxury trimaran yacht Adastra has turned heads during its unveiling ceremony in China.

World’s most amazing Superyachts
$15 Million Luxury Superyacht

The superyacht Trimaran Adastra built for a Hong Kong couple Anto and Elaine Marden is described as one of the most stunning of its kind.   It has space for nine guests, six crews and features a lounge as well as a bar cum dining area.

Google unveils a smart eyewear - Google Project Glasses

Google have invented a pair of internet-connected spectacles called Google Project Glass which will make your life flash before your eyes.  

Google Project Glass - a smart eyewear
Google's futuristic Internet-connected glasses

If you want to know the time, the temperature, talk to a friend or get directions to that cafe you read about in a magazine, it will all appear as if by magic in front of you. 

Google's futuristic Internet-connected glasses
Google Goggles

Watch Google Project Glasses in action.  Observe what these internet-connected glasses could do for you.

Have you heard about Tomatina?

Tomatina is an annual festival that is held in the Valencian town of Bunol.  Participants of this festival throw tomatoes at each other.

Watch the fun in this video clip!

 >>>>>> READ MORE

Space Hotel to be opened by Russia in 2016

Imagine having a hotel in Space !!!

A Russian company by the name of Orbital Technologies plans to build the world's first space hotel.

Domino's first Pizza Restaurant on the Moon

Can you imagine eating hot hot fresh pizza on the moon?  

Watch this video where Mr. Scott, President of Domino's Pizza in Japan, explains to us about their plan.


Google's corporate headquarters, nicknamed Googleplex, is located in Mountain View, California. 

Today its one of many offices Google have >>>>>> READ MORE
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