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Purpose of Dollar Sign in creating new Blog Post

Have you ever wondered what is this dollar sign that you see, when you create a new blog post in fanbox?

green dollar sign
Green Dollar Sign

While creating a new blog post in the blog editor, I noticed a green dollar sign was suddenly popping up somewhere in my blog post without me ever clicking it.  I kept deleting this dollar sign, without knowing its purpose.

Drive traffic to your blogs outside FanBox

Advertising is the life for any business to reach its heights.  But you don't need to do heavy advertising outside FanBox.  All you have to do are just few simple things regularly???

unlimited search engine traffic
Search Engine Traffic

*  Create at least one blog post daily

For every blog that you create on FanBox, link that post with Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr blogs.

Easily find similar Keywords and Tags on FanBox

Quick Tips to get your blog on FanBox Search results

The exact keywords for categorizing and rating a blog is very important to show up right on top in the fanbox search results page.   

keywords for categorizing and rating blog posts on FanBox
Categorize and Rate Blog Posts on FanBox


After reading the post, you would like to categorize and rate the blog.  You are aware that you can earn money on doing this activity.

How to earn money on fanbox

FanBox is a community that help its members worldwide to earn an income online by simply sharing their knowledge on any subject.  It has nothing to do with keywords or tags of Google Search Engine.  FanBox has its own search engine and the compensation algorithms work in a way helping each member benefit the maximum earnings.

earn money blogging on fanbox
FanBox Blogger's Community

top earners on fanbox
Top Earners on FanBox

Top Earners on FanBox Leaderboard

How to earn money on FanBox?

Are you a Visitor or a Newbie??? 
Do you find FanBox interesting, but still confused how to earn money???

Here are simple guidelines to help you get started

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