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10 Best Affordable Resorts in the World

Here is a list of the very beautiful resorts around the world that you would love to go on a vacation with your family.

1) Ocean Coral and Turquesa, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

It is a lovely resort which include 6 restaurants, four pools, and a Spa. It is a perfect choice for both families and couples.

10 Best Affordable Resorts in the World
Ocean Coral and Turquesa, Mexico

5 Best Caribbean Beaches

I'm sure you would wish to visit all these mind-blowing beaches.  

1.  Eagle Beach, Aruba
Lovers of surf and sun appreciate the sugar-white sands and tranquil waters of Eagle Beach, Aruba.

best caribbean honeymoon beaches
Eagle Beach, Aruba   


Maldives - a very Romantic Island

Maldives is an island in the Indian Ocean and is known for their breathtaking beauty. The crystal clear turquoise waters surrounding white beaches looks so stunning.  An example of such beauty is the luxury hotel Diva Resort.

Maldives is a romantic honeymoon destination
Beauty of Maldives Island

Hotel guests stay in villas, floating on the water in a beautiful lagoon that have its own access to the sea.

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Splendid Beauty of Canada

Beautiful Canada

Canada is one of the world's wealthiest nations with a mixed economy and very friendly people.

There are just so many spectacular and wonderful things to see in Canada.   I have listed a few of the main attractions of this beautiful country.

World famous CN Tower in Canada
CN Tower in Canada

Top San Diego Attractions

FanBox's headquarters is located at San Diego, California in USA.  Very soon we are all planning to meet at Fanbox.  

Wouldn't you like to join us? 

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