AdGoggle - a free mobile app that pays users for a lifetime

Earn recurring income with a free mobile app

Here is a golden opportunity to make your social networking site profitable.  AdGoggle is a mobile advertising platform that help users to earn a recurring income through a free mobile app, when users view ads on the app.
Earn money for a lifetime with a free mobile app.
Free Mobile App that helps you to earn money

You don't need to have a mobile phone or iPhone that support mobile apps.  When other users view advertisements on their mobile phones, you earn money.

It may not sound realistic that you can earn $1500 per monthYou just need to get 100 friends to sign up on AdGoogle and it's totally free.  When each of these 100 friends in turn gets 50 of their friends to sign up, your AdGoggle network will now grow to a total of 5,100 people. 

Lets say, if 5,000 people earns you an average of USD 0.01 per day, you will have a daily income of USD 50 per day. This works out to a total monthly income of USD 1,500.  Please note this is a passive recurring income for a lifetime.  Your money keeps growing and growing, even if you don't feel like referring friends later on.  But initially, ensure you get 100 friends to join AdGoggle.

Are you paid simply for joining AdGoggle and referring friends?

Not at all.  When AdGoggle network serve targeted ads to the users of your group according to preferences and interests, you are paid a percentage of the advertising income earned for each click or action taken.

AdGoggle is currently in pre-launch and the public launch date is on September 2012.  It is Free to join and ensure you are already there to build your millionaire empire.  So click here to Join Free with AdGoggle

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